We love to play weddings!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included when we hire LemonWheel to perform our Wedding Reception?

Our price is full-service and includes the following:

  • One or more members of LemonWheel will assist in directing your entire reception from start to finish.
  • LemonWheel has 6 unique vocalists including male and female vocals and 3-4 part harmonies.
    LemonWheel provides 6 musicians including: 2 lead vocalists, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drums
  • A professional sound & light engineer and a reception planner!
  • Sound equipment/PA and stage-lighting rental for the reception
  • 3 hours of band performance (preferably continuous, or up to 4 hours with breaks)
  • Consultation and preparation for your day related to entertainment- emails, phone calls, etc.
  • A customized song-list to your music likes (or let us play to the crowd and handle it all!)
  • A reception timeline detailed to the minute!  We will work with you, your caterer, venue coordinator or planner to establish a time-line and keep your event running on schedule (no worries if you have not hired a planner, we can run the reception!)
  • Band and crew members dressed to your event
  • Potential to learn 1-2 songs by special request with a minimum of 8 weeks notice
  • DJ Services including:
    •  Emcee of all activities at the reception, as desired
    • Use of wireless microphones for toasts and other announcements
    • Pre-recorded cocktail and dinner music played through our sound system, if desired (single room recptions)
    • Smooth incorporation of any songs you might like that the band does not play (e.g. Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Wobble etc.)

What is NOT included when we hire LemonWheel to perform our Wedding Reception?

Staging – staging is optional, but we think it looks really sharp.  Check with your venue to see if they can provide staging.  We recommend a minimum of 16′ (deep) by 24′ (wide) skirted stage.
Power supply – Four separate 20 amp circuits at 110 volts within 10 feet of the stage or on stage.   If sufficient power is not available, power to be discussed.  Most newer venue will have sufficient power.


What is needed to reserve our special date?

LemonWheel will provide you with a contract that lays out the specifics of your event so that both parties are in agreement to what is being provided and how payments will be arranged.  We require a signed contract and deposit to hold your date.


What is a sample reception timeline?

Example timeline for an event where the wedding is at a DIFFERENT location than the reception and the reception activities are in the same room:
  • 4:30-6:30pm band setup
  • 6:30pm – guests arrive
  • 6:30-7pm – cocktail reception  (LemonWheel can provide background music on MP3)
  • 7pm bridal party arrives & is announced / grand entrance (special music for entrance is an option, LemonWheel announces bridal party)
  • 7pm Welcome (optional – done by Bride/Groom, family member or pastor)
  • 7pm-8pm Dinner (LemonWheel can provide background dinner music via MP3)
  • 8pm Cake cutting & toasts
  • 8:30pm special dances
  • 9pm-12am LemonWheel performs 3 hours straight!
  • 12-1am band tear down


Should I provide meals for the band?

LemonWheel will be at your reception hall for approximately 8-9 hours, and due to the general limited availability of outside food, LemonWheel greatly appreciates being included in your meal planning.  There are 3 crew members and 6 musicians, so a total of 9 people.  There are no meal restrictions for anyone.


We plan to have our reception outside, what is required?

We all want beautiful weather for your wedding day!  However, due to the expense of our equipment LemonWheel prefers a contingency plan for inclement weather which either proactively provides a shelter for the band such as a tent (dimensions to be discussed) or an alternate location at the venue to be determined before setup, the day of the event, that is in an enclosed shelter.